Do you have a Star Citizen organization and want to expand?

The idea of GDB Corp Alliance is to unite organization forces together for stronger in game representation and cooperation.

We as a Luxembourgish based Org know that there are many small Orgs especially in and around Luxembourg, for which big group gameplay finally means joining a bigger Organization and loosing the freedom of their own Organization structure and philosophy.

What if we have a solution?

GDB Corp is a platform giving the organizational tools to manage and coordinate as a bigger union of different organizations, each with their own structure and philosophy.

These alliances allow to achieve bigger group gameplay, maintain your organizational structure without joining another org and loosing the organizational freedom you want in your own Org.

How does it work?

An alliance is defined by common goals and cooperation areas we share together, Alliance Ambassadors are elected to represent each Org within GDB Corp and vice versa.

In a future step we also work on the idea that Alliance Organizations can have their own area within GDB Corp Website Community platform to manage their members and ships fleets, please provide us your feedback on this idea, input is always very welcome.


Main communication is done on #discord

-Voice chat rooms (Managment, Missions, etc)
-Short term news and info (SC updates)

Long term Managment of members and fleet is done on

-Members / Ranks
-Ships / Fleet
-Docs (financial report, other reports, stats)
-Group event planning
-Knowledge base

Want to Join us now?

STEP 1:  Join GDB Corp on #discord (Add server)
STEP 2:  Join (Register, Currently unavailable, in development)

Alliance register

A list of all registered Alliances, common goals and cooperation areas.

We are all close together

A problem, a question, an emergency?
Do not hesitate to visit the help centre, we can help you.